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Lessons from Teacher Ciruela
Simple answers

Mr. Anonymous said: Science is just a bunch of simple answers to hard questions. Had we known who the author was, we should have paid a fitting tribute to him for this awesome aphorism of his. So deeply rooted, this amazing truth is actually worthy of both popularization and reverence. However, as popular belief runs counter to this adage, critical analysis is a matter of paramount importance here. The thing is, many people feel they'd better keep back from science because they think everything related would be so cryptic and dark, so incomprehensible and hard to understand... that they end up finding the binomial phrase simple answers rather sarcastic, as if the whole issue were reduced to a blatant contradiction. This is why it's a matter that needs to be dealt with.

In fact, science is actually very simple in its broadest sense, as its unambiguous statements would always lead to a straightforward true/false conclusion even if they were carefully scrutinized. Unlike most other branches of human thought, scientific discourses arise out of a mess of chaotic concepts which at last end in the two plus two equals four, which is what we wanted to prove: a simple answer.

The apothegm is not addressing either logical development or the conceptualization process, nor the characterization of all variables and processes inherent in scientific work. Without doubt, trying to grasp the whole of this conceptual framework calls for a great deal of time and effort. Indeed, not only mere mortals but also science fellows do have a hard time when attempting to deal with a discourse on key issues they are not very familiar with. But, nonetheless, scientists are pretty sure that, were they aimed at navigating that complex network of odd challenges, at last they would find themselves sailing smoothly into harbors of frank simplicity. In other words: we're absolutely convinced that we can trust science as science would not play tricks, no ambush would be laid, no storm would rage... for science does not have to resort to subjectivity when dealing with people involved, thus considering everyone impartially and without bias against either their feelings or their political leanings, their willingness or even the ideology they hold. Everyone can work in science... provided they strive for the best.
The Universe is so vast, so overwhelmingly populated by objects interacting in various ways, that it makes us feel compelled to stretch our imagination and creativity in order to be able to formulate smart enough questions. And if we happen to be successful, the end result would often be the one addressed in the apothegm above: hard questions. Once they are found out, science will provide a linear, straightforward path to a simple answer.

Mr. Anonymous... you should appreciate my helping hand.

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