The Roman Catholic Church would bitterly oppose any government's policy be it on birth control or responsible parenthood, sex education or whatever. It's quite clear to me that the gamble paid off.

Silly things

I guess it must be the silliest thing ever, as it is easy to see that nobody cares. Anyway, let me kick off with something crazy: some people say that raising large families helps shelter their members from poverty, as they firmly -and without a shadow of a doubt- believe that the more children they have, the greater the chance that at least one of them will stand head and shoulders above the rest, and in such a successful way that he will even manage to overcome everyone's financial difficulties. Were I not feeling so sad about this, it would actually make me roar with laughter.

Of course I am pointing out that silly, small thing: overpopulation. I'll go even further though you'll sure have already heard about it. They say (these damn foolish know-it-alls say) that in Europe people are oooverly concerned about their aging population... more and more graying people, less and less of the younger ones. If I don't burst out laughing it is just because I am filled with an overwhelming sense of outrage.

I could go on and on scrolling through even more trash but... Let's check it out: I defy anyone to pick out whatever environmental issue and say if, in short, overpopulation has finally not been its likely cause. It's so hard for me to believe that there are people who still cannot realize that the space is finite. And that the rest of the world’s resources such as food, water or power sources are also finite... and that every inhabitant wants to get his quota. This equation is so very simple that I feel ashamed of them when it seems as though they do not understand; what is more, I get outraged at their belittling.

Not controlling third world countries birth rate by government mandate leads to poverty, famine and people's unhappiness... and helps kill the planet. Those who spread the word to end the world, I formally accuse you of geocide.

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