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Silly Things

I don't like to tag myself in the political sense but, were I to, I'd say I'm a left-winger. That's why I get upset when the Left give up their foundational and moral basic principles. Argentinian leftist groups do not at all represent me, definitely not.

Tax arguments, for example. I feel deeply hurt whenever I hear those so-called leftists inciting the crowd to tax evasion: "It's the way how the State can steal from people", they say. I wonder what hurts me the most: either ideological self-denial or human stupidity.

How come they have the cheek then to stage protests against low teacher salary, or to claim adequate supplies for hospitals and so many other things which are government's commitments. Where the hell do they think ready money to support the welfare system comes from?

And to think that in their early stages left-wing groups were the most devoted fans of the State as the one provider of social welfare, as the foundation of the supportive regime, as a true hope of an egalitarian future.

"Large corporations are the real tax dodgers". Bullshit. Real tax dodgers are those who evade payment of taxes. The struggle against the unfair tax burden must be sought elsewhere. And it should be responsibly approached. Failing to prosecute major tax dodgers should raise us in revolt. But on the other hand, promoting minor tax avoidance is demagogy.


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