Silly Things
The Benefit of The Doubt

Despite how much I dislike the legal profession for systematically attempting to spoil the law and the whole legal system, now I feel compelled to stand up for Justice, which actually seems to enjoy playing an autistic, misunderstood role.

So much effort has gone into needlessly reinforcing social education in schools over against science education, that the overall situation has ended up in a shameful, widespread ignorance about everything connected with the law. But I do not mean laws themselves... but the principles behind them. Let's see...

Even if we all know that a person has been found guilty of a crime it must not be enough for him to be damned. He should only be condemned when there is actually enough evidence to prove -beyond reasonable doubt- that it was him who did commit the offence. Yet this basic principle of modern civilization is missing from the vast majority of people's understanding.

Quite the opposite is the lynching, the public stoning. But it seems that as social communicators are unable to fully comprehend not only the legal principles but also human limitations then they aim to handle it through revealed truths. I wonder why it has to be that way.


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